EMR & Practice Management for Multi Location Clinic Chains

Easy Clinic is the definitive solution for clinic chains, ensuring streamlined operations across locations. Our software adeptly centralises management and administration, delivering excellence in patient care, financial accounting, inventory & logistics, user access, and business analytics. Whether your network encompasses 5 or 500 clinics, Easy Clinic’s scalable system integrates every operational aspect, fostering cohesion and efficiency.

Centralised Control & Scalability for multi-location clinics

Unified Management Across Locations

Offers a centralised solution for managing multiple clinic locations, ensuring consistent and unified operational control.

Scalable Infrastructure for Growth

Designed to easily scale up, accommodating the growth and expansion of clinic chains without compromising on performance or functionality.

Centralised Data Access and Reporting

Provides central access to patient records, financial data, and operational reports across all locations, enhancing decision-making and administrative efficiency.

Streamlined Multi-Site Operations

Facilitates streamlined operations across different sites, from appointment scheduling to inventory management, ensuring uniformity in processes and patient experience.

Integrated Communication for Cohesive Functioning

Enables integrated communication channels within the system, fostering cohesive functioning and collaboration among various clinic locations.

Local & Global Expansion Capability

Easy Clinic is adept at scaling operations from a single clinic to a widespread chain, whether nationally or internationally, accommodating the dynamic growth needs of healthcare providers.

Versatile Clinic Management

Facilitates the creation, monitoring, and management of various clinic types, including owned clinics, franchisees, mobile medical units, and associate clinics. Offers customizable access levels to data and features within Easy Clinic for each type of clinic, ensuring tailored operational control.

Easy Clinic Interoperability, Integrations and Customisations

Interoperability Focus for Multi-Location Clinic Chains:

Easy Clinic is designed with a strong focus on interoperability, and built on open API standards. This approach ensures seamless communication and data exchange between different healthcare systems and applications. By adhering to these standards, Easy Clinic facilitates efficient, accurate, and secure sharing of patient data, which is essential for coordinated care and improved health outcomes in the expansive landscape of multi-location clinic chains.

Integrations Solutions for Seamless Operations of Large Clinics and Chains:

At the core of Easy Clinic’s functionality is its ability to integrate effortlessly with any third-party solution or hardware. This capability means that whether it’s connecting with advanced diagnostic equipment, insurance systems, CRM solutions, or any other specialised software, Easy Clinic can synchronise and function harmoniously with these tools. Such integrations are pivotal for clinics and hospitals looking to leverage existing technologies, thereby enhancing their service offerings and operational efficiencies across the entire network.

Support for Multiple Coding Standards: 

Easy Clinic is equipped with built-in features to support various coding standards, including ICD-10, SNOMED, LOINC, and CPT, ensuring comprehensive data compatibility and adherence to global healthcare coding practices in multi-location clinic chains.


Developed on a proprietary low-code platform, Easy Clinic offers unparalleled customisation possibilities. This unique aspect allows for the development of bespoke features and functionalities tailored to the specific needs of enterprise clients. Whether it’s adapting to specific workflow requirements, incorporating unique data fields, or integrating custom-built modules, Easy Clinic’s low-code platform enables rapid and efficient customisations. This adaptability ensures that healthcare providers in nationwide clinic systems can have a system that not only meets their current needs but is also scalable and flexible enough to evolve with their future requirements.

Clinical SOPs to ensure standardised patient care & management

Ideal for Large Clinics and Chains

Specifically designed for big polyclinics and clinic chains, ensuring scalability and adaptability to various healthcare settings.

SOP and Patient Safety Monitoring

Empowers Chief Medical Officers and administrative doctors to oversee adherence to standard operating procedures, enhancing patient safety within the intricate web of multi-location clinic chains.

Birds Eye Dashboard

Offers a comprehensive dashboard view for monitoring clinical cases across multiple locations, ensuring efficient management within the expansive network.

Uniform Patient Experience Monitoring

Enables the standardisation of patient experiences across different sites, ensuring consistent quality of care within multi-location clinic chains.

Enhanced Data Analytics for Clinical Performance

Integrates advanced data analytics to provide insights into clinical performance and operational efficiency within the expansive landscape of multi-location clinic chains.

Real-time Compliance Tracking

Features real-time tracking of compliance with healthcare regulations and standards, vital for maintaining high-quality care across the organisation of a chain of healthcare clinics.

User Access, Data Security and Compliance

Advanced User Access Control

This feature manages access rights across all data and functions across multi-location healthcare facilities, based on user roles. It ensures security and efficiency by maintaining an audit trail for all key transactions.

Role Customization with Enhanced Security

Allows for the creation of various roles like Administrator, Doctor, Pharmacist, etc. with the option to customise multi-location clinic access with fine-grained security settings based on specific needs.

Robust Data Protection

Data within Easy Clinic is protected using industry leading security standards, ensuring high-level encryption both in transit and for stored data across multi-location clinic groups.

Strict Data Privacy and Ownership

Adheres to a strict policy of data privacy, ensuring that client data, both identifying and non-identifying, is never misused or shared with anyone in a multi-location clinic network. The data exclusively belongs to the client.

Global Compliance Standards

Meets international privacy and data security standards such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR, ensuring global compliance and data protection across networked medical centres.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) which is super easy  fast flexible

30 Second Prescription

Generate detailed prescriptions in just 30 seconds and provide instantly in any language via print or WhatsApp, SMS, or Email, enhancing efficiency of the healthcare facilities.

Customised EMR

Tailored EMR to suit every doctor's specialty, workflow, and preferences, ensuring a personalised experience, catering to diverse needs in multi-location clinic chains.

AI-Powered Assistance

With an AI assistant, complete prescriptions in three clicks, saving time on your documentation processes, enhancing efficiency for multi-group clinics.

Visual Health Trend Analysis

Display vitals, lab reports, and clinical parameters as charts and graphs for easy visualisation of patient’s health trends in multi-location clinic chains.

Efficient Patient Summaries

Quick access to auto-generated patient summary and facesheet for a comprehensive review of case histories, saving valuable time and presenting important data intelligently for clinic networks.

Efficient Point and Click Input

Utilises a simple point-and-click UI for recording chief complaints, medical history, vitals, and more streamline processes in multi-location clinic chains. Includes customizable examination forms, auto-complete notes, diagnosis, medications, investigations, referral, follow-up, and patient guidelines. Offers the flexibility to choose specific controls without navigating through lengthy screens.

Comprehensive Medical History Record

Record the Medical History of a patient in your own custom intake form. It can be as detailed or short as you want. Details of chronic illnesses, family, social and obs-gynae history, substance use, alternative therapies, COVID history, and immunizations can be recorded. These details are then displayed as part of the patient's face sheet, saving a lot of time in subsequent visits in clinic branches.

Advanced EMR for specialists

Specialty-Oriented Design

Tailored for specialists, super-specialists, and clinic chains, addressing diverse healthcare needs. Click here to choose your specialty for a focused read on healthcare solutions for multi-location clinic chains.

AI-Driven Diagnostic Support

Intelligent AI assistance for differential diagnosis and warning against adverse drug events, crucial for patients with multiple chronic conditions in multi-location clinic chains.

Customizable Template and Form Builder

Easily match any paper forms with our flexible template builder, ensuring a smooth digital transition across multi-location clinics.

Comprehensive Patient Data Visualization

Single-screen access to longitudinal patient visit data, enhancing the efficiency of patient care across clinic groups.

Efficient Access to Common Resources

Quick access to frequently used medications, investigations, and clinical tools like guidelines, checklists, and reminders for seamless operations in multi-location clinic chains.

Seamless Care Team Collaboration

Facilitates effective communication and coordination between nurses, doctors, and other caregivers for integrated patient care in networked medical centres.

Teleconsultation, Video consult & Online fees collection

Integrated Telemedicine Services

Utilises Easy Clinic's in-built video and chat features to provide telemedicine services in multi-site healthcare facilities, offering a seamless virtual consultation experience.

Online Appointment and Payment Integration

Facilitates the creation of online video consultations in multi-location clinic chains through the appointment module, complete with options for online fee payment, streamlining the booking and payment process for teleconsultations.

No Need for Third-Party Software

Both doctors and patients in multi-location clinic chains can use a web browser on a computer or phone for remote consultations, eliminating the requirement for additional software and enhancing user convenience.

Instant Prescription Delivery

Allows prescriptions from the teleconsult to be sent instantly via WhatsApp, SMS, or email. Prescriptions include a disclaimer indicating that the consultation was conducted remotely, ensuring clarity and compliance in multi-location clinic chains.

Patient Engagement, Portal and Mobile App

Engaging patients with your clinic is key to ensuring their satisfaction, better clinical outcomes, and increased marketing and referrals for your services. Easy Clinic automates many administrative tasks, saving significant time for healthcare providers.

Comprehensive Patient Engagement Platform

Streamlines and automates patient interactions for multi-location clinic chains, offering features like medical record access, appointment booking, medication ordering, lab visit scheduling, online payment, and feedback provision.

Self-Registration and Family Account Management

Patients can self-register and manage accounts for themselves and family members, across multi-location clinic chains with a single account catering to all.

Custom Forms for Patient Intake

Offers the ability for patients across clinic groups to fill out custom intake or consent forms during initial or subsequent visits.

Flexible Appointment and Queue Management

Patients can book appointments or add themselves to a queue in walk-in clinic models across clinic networks, with features for self check-in and real-time queue progress tracking.

Access to Medical Records and Orders

Enables patients in chain of healthcare clinics to view past prescriptions, lab reports, and medicine orders, centralising their healthcare information.

Educational Material and Notifications

Allows clinics across multi-locations to publish clinical guidelines or patient education material, notifying patients when relevant content is available.

Customisable Monitoring Plans

Doctors can set up custom monitoring plans, especially beneficial for chronic patients, with reminders for patient inputs and abnormal value alerts on the monitoring dashboard for multi-site healthcare facilities.

Feedback Mechanism via Multiple Channels

Provides a simple feedback mechanism for patients through WhatsApp, SMS, or the patient portal, with options to share feedback publicly or keep it internal for multi-location clinic chains.

Custom Branding for Patient Portal and App

The patient portal, mobile app, and communication numbers across regional clinic networks can all be custom branded to reflect your clinic's identity, providing a consistent and personalised experience for patients.

Billing, Payments & Reconciliation made really simple

One-Click Billing

Simple one-click billing process, designed for ease of use by receptionists and billing clerks across clinic chains. Invoices are ready in less than 10 seconds.

Effortless Payment Processing

Seamlessly manage online and offline payments in multi-location clinic chains with immediate balance visibility and payment suggestions at a click.

Flexible Payment Options

Offers flexibility in handling part payments, advance payments, refunds, and invoice voiding with proper authorization, as well as payment amortisation for package treatments, catering to the diverse financial needs of multi-location clinic chains.

Service List with Flexible pricing

Effortlessly manage billing services and items in multi-location clinic groups with the ability to adjust prices, offering variable pricing flexibility without the need to regenerate entire billing records.

Automated Taxable Item Management

Utilises a custom tax definition module for automatic management of taxable versus non-taxable items, simplifying tax-related processes for networked medical centres.

Comprehensive Financial Reporting

Access detailed financial reports in various formats for daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly book balancing and profit & loss analysis, facilitating comprehensive financial management for multi-location clinic groups.

Digital Integration

Integrated with WhatsApp, SMS, and Email for multi-location clinic chains to digitally send payment receipts and invoices to patients.

Customizable Billing Templates

Personalise billing templates to fit the unique needs of your practice across clinic groups, enhancing the professional appearance of your invoices and receipts.

Advanced Financial accounting

Robust Security Controls

Ensures comprehensive security measures tailored for regional clinic networks to prevent fraudulent transactions and unauthorised discounts, safeguarding financial integrity.

Third-Party Payor Management

Efficiently manage dealings with insurance companies, corporate tie-ups, TPAs, and e-claiming processes for streamlined financial operations for multi-location clinic chains.

Customizable Billing Workflows

Create or modify workflows to centralise and ensure accuracy in billing for various services like consultations, pharmacy, lab tests, procedures, vaccinations, and teleconsultations in multi-location clinic groups.

Dynamic Price List Module

Advanced price list module enables management of multiple price lists based on payor, location, customer type, clinician, and visit type, with automated price selection to eliminate manual input errors for multi-location clinic chains.

Detailed Till Management

Comprehensive till management for balancing various payment modes such as cash, credit, and online payments, complete with a detailed audit trail for transaction accountability, ensuring robust financial control for multi-location clinic chains.

Seamless Integration with Financial Software

Offers integration capabilities with third-party financial software solutions, enhancing the efficiency of your financial ecosystem in multi-site healthcare facilities.

Insurance and 3rd Party Payor Management

Third-Party Payors and Custom Price Lists

Set up insurance, corporate, TPA, or any other third-party payor, with the ability to assign custom price lists for their members, ensuring tailored billing options for distributed healthcare clinics.

Membership Category and Billing Rules Creation

Create membership categories with specific invoicing limits, co-payment rules, and define what's included or excluded in the coverage, accommodating the needs of multi-location clinic chains.

Defined Claim Submission and Settlement Protocols

Establish clear protocols for claim submissions and settlements, accommodating both electronic and manual claiming processes across multiple clinic locations.

Automated Billing for Accurate Claims

Automate billing with correct items and prices to reduce the likelihood of claim rejections or delays, enhancing the efficiency of the claims process for multi-location clinic chains.

Claim Status Tracking Dashboard

Monitor the status of claims through an easy-to-use dashboard, providing real-time updates and oversight for all clinic locations within the chain.

Integration with Electronic Claim Platforms

Easy Clinic is developed with a focus on integration, able to connect with various electronic claiming platforms, offering flexibility and adaptability to diverse healthcare billing environments across multi-location clinic chains.

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Comprehensive Appointment & Resource Scheduling

User-Friendly Appointment Scheduling

Designed for ease of use, allowing doctors to effortlessly schedule appointments, enhancing daily practice efficiency for multi-location clinic chains.

Versatile Scheduling Options

Offers unlimited flexibility with options for fixed-time appointments, walk-ins, first-come-first-serve, docket number management, teleconsultations, and priority patient handling across all clinic locations.

Automated Patient Reminders

Reduces no-shows with automated reminders, improving patient attendance and clinic efficiency for all branches within the multi-location clinic chain.

Advanced Waiting Room Management

Efficiently manages the waiting room with real-time updates on the day's progress, queue status, waiting times, and more across all clinic locations.

Integrated Teleconsultation Scheduling

Facilitates easy scheduling of video or remote consultations with online prepayment options, accessible via computer or phone across all clinic networks.

Streamlined Patient Self-Service

Enables patients to book appointments, self on-board, check-in, and fill out customised intake forms on their phone, enhancing patient convenience across all branches of multi-location clinics.

Comprehensive Appointment Dashboard

Provides a dashboard view of daily appointments, visit status, and billing updates for smooth day-to-day operations across all clinic locations.

Resource Booking Within Appointments

Allows booking of any clinic resource, such as equipment or assistants, directly within the appointment slot for procedural efficiency across all branches of multi-location clinics.

AI-Powered Wait Time Management

Powered by AI to provide real-time alerts on wait times and queue status, reducing patient congestion at the reception across all clinic locations.

Centralised Multi-Location Scheduling

Manages appointments across multiple clinic locations with centralised scheduling, streamlining operations for larger practices with multiple branches.

Efficient Inventory management

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Manages products, services, packages, and consumables across multiple clinic locations with multi-level categorisation and custom fields.

Seamless EMR Integration

Integrates smoothly from EMR prescription to billing and pharmacy dispensing, enhancing workflow efficiency in multi-location clinic chains.

Stock Availability in Real Time

Offers doctors a real-time view of stock availability at the time of prescribing including options to search for alternatives, benefiting all branches of the multi-location clinic chain.

Detailed Unit of Measure (UOM) Capabilities

Allows for defining multiple units or pack sizes for each product, tailored for each transaction type, whether for purchase or sale. This feature brings in versatility and precision in inventory management across all branches.

Automatic Deduction of Consumables

Consumables or non-billables that are part of a service, package or product are automatically adjusted, maintaining accurate stock levels in all branches of the multi-location clinic chain.

AI-Assisted Reorder Management

AI assistant helps define reorder levels and quantities based on past trends and lead times, optimising stock management for all clinic locations.

Powerful Price List Management

Manages unique price lists for different payors, patient types, or locations without manual input, minimising errors across all branches of the multi-location clinic chain.

Automatic Tracking with Alerts

Tracks drugs, supplies, and equipment in real time, with alerts for low supply levels, expiration dates, and reorder times, ensuring timely replenishment for all clinic locations.

Custom Package Treatments

Allows creation of bespoke package treatments with multiple items, billable in one visit or across multiple visits across the multi-location clinic chain.

Barcode Support for Efficiency

Supports barcodes to expedite inventory transactions, including scanning vendor barcodes or generating custom ones, improving efficiency across all clinic locations.

Role-Based Access Control

Ensures fine-grained access control across clinic groups based on user roles, coupled with a complete transaction audit for security.

Bulk Inventory Upload

Facilitates uploading or adjusting inventory in bulk via file upload for streamlined management across all clinic locations.

Advanced Inventory Reporting and Dashboard

Provides a comprehensive view of stock movement, current stock levels, cost of goods sold, and analysis of fast vs slow-moving items, seasonal trends, etc., through a detailed reporting and dashboard module for all branches of the healthcare organisation.

Streamlined Logistics and Stock Movement

Comprehensive Logistics Processes

Manages end-to-end logistics including requisition requests, purchase orders, goods receipt, returns, stock transfers, stocktaking, and stock adjustments, catering to the diverse needs of chain of healthcare clinics.

Supplier and Vendor Management

Offers the ability to manage suppliers and vendors, with integration options for real-time checks on lead time, stock availability, and pricing for multi-location clinic chains.

Efficient Requisition and Purchase Orders

Generate requisitions or purchase orders with a single click, incorporating checks on reorder levels, preferred vendors, purchase prices, and lead times across clinic branches.

Advanced Goods Receipt Module

Enables fast goods intake using barcodes or file import and supports split orders, free samples, shortfalls for multi-location healthcare facilities.

Streamlined Stock Transfers

Easily transfer stock between locations or from a central warehouse to different clinics, with complete tracking and audit logs for goods sent, in transit, and received across clinic groups.

Stock take Flexibility

Conduct quick or comprehensive stock counts with options to iterate counts before finalising any stock variance, ensuring accurate inventory for multi-location clinic chains.

Stock Adjustment with Authorisation

Perform stock adjustments for shortfalls, excess, expired or damaged products, with proper authorisation checks and audit logs for multi-location clinic chains.

Fool-Proof Workflow Engine for Internal Control

Easy Clinic is equipped with a robust workflow engine that mandates the review and verification of all inventory movements and transactions across clinic locations. This system allows for multiple levels of checks as needed, along with a customizable approval step.

Integrated Pharmacy & Simplified Dispensing

Seamless Prescription Transfer

Enables automatic transfer of prescriptions from doctors to the pharmacy for quick and accurate dispensing process for multi-location clinic chains.

Refill Order Tracking and Reminders

Tracks refill orders for patient's subsequent visits and sends automated reminders to patients for refill collection, enhancing patient engagement in multi-location clinic chains.

Label Printing and Regulatory Compliance

Provides options to print labels and other necessary regulatory forms, ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations for multi-location clinic chains.

Expiry Management

Features expiry reports and warnings at the time of sale, with automatic prioritisation of product batches nearing expiry across multi-location clinic chains.

Pre-Visit Price Look-up and Quoting

Allows pharmacists to look up prices and details of all pharmacy items and generate quotes for patients prior to their visit in multi-location clinic chains.

Controlled Medication Alerts

Includes warnings and checks for dispensing regulated or controlled medications, enhancing patient safety across healthcare facilities.

OTC Product

Provides the ability to add over-the-counter (OTC) products at the time of dispensing, enhancing the range of services offered by the pharmacy for multi-location clinic chains.

Stand-Alone Dispensing and Refill Collection

The pharmacy module can function independently for dispensing or refill collection, without the need to go through the EMR management or appointment queue. This facilitates quicker service for patients requiring only pharmacy services in multi-location clinic chains.

Lab management & reporting

End-to-End Laboratory and Radiology Management

Offers comprehensive management for in-house laboratories or radiology departments, covering all processes from order requests to reporting, using streamlined workflows. Also facilitates management of tie-ups or referrals with third-party labs for all branches.

Direct Order Request Routing

Physician EMR lab orders and requests are directly routed to the lab, eliminating the need for manual input and ensuring seamless integration across all clinic locations.

Automated Lab Test Billing

Implements a customizable workflow for lab test billing, for example automatically adding tests to invoice upon sample collection, streamlining the billing process for all branches of the multi-location clinic chain.

Controlled Specimen to Reporting Process

Manages all steps from specimen collection to reporting, controlled and authenticated by self-defined workflow steps for accuracy and compliance across all clinic locations.

Custom Templates for Results with Abnormal Value Flagging

Utilises individual templates for each investigation to record results, including seamless flagging of abnormal values for enhanced clarity and precision across all clinic locations.

Graphical Visualisation of Lab Results

Enables lab result values to be visualised as graphs, facilitating easy longitudinal comparison and interpretation for all branches of the multi-location clinic chain.

Device and Software Integration

Easy Clinic’s Lab module offers integration capabilities with various devices or dedicated lab management software, facilitated through its extensible platform. This flexibility allows for a seamless connection and data exchange between different systems, enhancing the lab's operational efficiency across all healthcare facilities.

HR, User and Access Control

Comprehensive User Management

Manages all user details, including access rights and audit logs, ensuring secure and organised handling of user information across multi-location clinic chains.

Fine-Grained Security and Access Control

Allows detailed security and access settings based on roles, departments, and hierarchical levels, enhancing data safety and operational efficiency for all users in every clinic location.

Incentive and Commission Plans

Facilitates the creation of incentive or commission plans for users, coupled with the generation of performance reports to track and encourage staff productivity across all branches of the multi-location clinic chain.

Roster and Attendance Management

Manages rosters, tracks attendance, schedules appointments, and manages holidays for all users, streamlining HR processes within the healthcare setting for every staff member in each clinic location.

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Reports, Dashboards and Business Analytics

Extensive Dashboard and Report Library

Includes over 100 graphical dashboards and detailed reports, covering clinical, administrative, inventory, and financial data, ensuring comprehensive insights for multi-location clinic chains.

Access-Controlled Reports

Ensures reports are access-controlled, with visibility limited to users who have the necessary authorization across all branches.

Flexible Export Options

Provides export functionalities to Excel and PDF formats, facilitating offline processing and long-term archiving for multi-location clinic chains.

Customisable Filters and Search Parameters

Includes multiple filters and user-defined search parameters to display relevant information tailored to specific needs for users across clinic groups.

Custom Report Creation

Enables you to create custom reports to meet unique business-specific requirements for nationwide clinic systems.

Comprehensive Cross-Location Analytics

Capable of running cross-location and cross-department metrics and analytics, suitable for complex healthcare operations across networked medical centres.

Dedicated Data Warehouse for Large Chains

For large clinic chains, Easy Clinic includes a dedicated Data Warehouse and Reporting solution, enhancing data management and analysis capabilities for improved decision-making across all branches.

Workflow Manager for Custom Process Steps

Comprehensive Transaction Management

Allows organisations to define and manage steps for complex or controlled transactions across multi-site healthcare facilities with authorisation provided at the role or user level. Examples include the process from creation to approval of a Purchase Order, or steps for granting discounts beyond standard limits or for creating a visit linked to a 3rd party payor.

Sophisticated No-Code Workflow Creation

Enables the creation of intricate workflows using a no-code graphical designer, automating both human- and system-based processes with features like action, transition, synchronisation, and subprocess management in multi-location clinic chains.

Role-Based Access Control

Implements role-based access control to protect sensitive information within workflows, customising visibility and edit permissions for each user or role across clinic groups.

Complete Audit Logs

Maintains complete audit logs, providing detailed insights on which user accessed or completed a step in the workflow, including date and time tracking across all clinic locations.

Communication - All in one with WhatsApp, SMS, Email & Push Notification

Unified Communication Channels

Streamlines communication with patients, referral doctors, third-party providers, suppliers, and internal staff through integrated channels like WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and push notifications, enhancing connectivity and efficiency for the entire multi-location clinic network.

Customisable Messaging Templates

Offers a simple interface for customising messaging for every module. Users can set up message templates and define events for automated communication, enhancing efficiency across all branches of the multi-location clinic chain.

Streamlined Patient Communication

Automates and streamlines patient communications, including appointment reminders, digital prescriptions, invoices, and receipts, using the powerful workflow builder within the nationwide clinic system.

AI-Powered Two-Way Messaging

Incorporates two-way messaging with the integration of AI, automating standard patient communication and significantly reducing the need for phone calls, thereby saving valuable time for clinic staff across the multi-location clinic chain.

Brand Channel Integration

Supports custom integrations for WhatsApp, Email, and SMS, enabling clinics to send messages through their own branded channels, maintaining consistency in communication across all clinic locations.

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