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Why Easy Clinic

Easy Clinic - EMR Software - Easy-to-Use

Easy to use - Makes work faster & smarter

Easy Clinic saves  you time with a simple user interface coupled with automation. Easy Clinic prescriptions are faster than writing
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Flexible & customised to your workflows

Easy Clinic is packed with customisation options and adapts to your clinic requirements & workflows.


Robust & Secure technology

Easy Clinic is built on modern technology providing bank level data security, unlimited scalability, and speed.

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Highly rated Customer Service

Easy Clinic provides real time support via phone, email and chat to quickly and decisively resolve any concerns or issues.

Success - Medical Practice Software

15+ years of delivering healthcare software

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Tailored for and used by 20 specialties

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Users across 18

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Generating 200K+ prescriptions daily

Easy Clinic Reviews and Customer Feedback

Dr P Chakrabarti - Easy Clinic Team

Dr. Prantar Chakrabarti

Haematology, Institute of Hematology & Transfusion Medicine

I have been an avid user of Easy Clinic since 2008 and have become almost addicted to it. The features I like the most are: Data handling and analytical tools available to generate information from the patient’s data.

Dr Sitha Lakshmi - Customer Testimonial

Dr. Seetha Lakshmi Kolanakuduru

Aditya Women & Infertility Clinic, Hyderabad

We have been using Easy Clinic Software since 2012. I found it very useful and user friendly. Their service and support is very prompt. I strongly recommend this software as it is very useful.

Dr T L Prabhu - Easy Clinic Tea

Dr. T.L. Prabhu

Chief Physician and Managing Director, Prashanthi Clinic

Easy Clinic has touched all aspects of the processes we follow at Prashanthi Clinic and Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd and helped me become more efficient. We have moved from a paper based clinic to a completely paperless setup in about 6 months.

Dr Manish Bhatia - Easy Clinic Team

Dr. Manish Bhatia

Founder & Director, Asha Homeopathy Medical Center

I have been using Easy Clinic for more than 10 years now. The software is mature and has helped me keep my clinic paperless. It improves my work efficiency, record management, and accounting. The team is very responsive and support is excellent!

Dr Chao Rochek Buragohain - Easy Clinic Team

Dr. Chao Rochek Buragohain

Orthopaedic, Arogya Orthopaedic Clinic

I have been using Easy Clinic for the last 5 years in my clinical practice. This software is really user friendly and customizable. I highly recommend Easy Clinic to the busy clinicians for their day to day practice.

Dr Tarun Mishra - Easy Clinic Team

Dr. Tarun Mishra

Director, City Hospital

It is very easy, user friendly with world class technology. Easy Clinic people are hard working, soft spoken and play a vital role in patient’s management.

Polyclinics, Clinic Chains & Hospitals using Easy Clinic across the world

Join 5000+ Doctors saving time & automating clinic management

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EMR which is super easy, blazing fast and customisable across specialties

Easy Clinic Hospital Management Software - Medical Record

Easy Clinic's Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system redefines clinical documentation with its user-friendly, rapid, and customizable interface. Designed to be effortlessly adaptable across various medical specialties, it provides the same experience and flexibility as writing on paper.

Easy Clinic Medical Records Management - Document Management

Whether recording a patient's history, managing prescriptions, or analysing health trends, our EMR is engineered for simplicity and speed. The customizability ensures that every specialty's unique needs are met, making clinical data management not just easier but also more efficient and accurate.

Clinic management features which scale from a single doctor to a chain of clinics

Global Connection - Medical Practice Software

From solo practitioners to multi-location clinic chains, our clinic management features grow with your practice. Easy Clinic’s platform offers a comprehensive suite of features that cater to every aspect of clinic operations – appointment scheduling, billing, inventory management, and more.

Easy Clinic Medical Records Management - Scalability

With Easy Clinic, scalability is built-in; as your practice expands, our system effortlessly adapts, maintaining the same level of efficiency and control. This adaptability means no matter the size of your practice or the complexity of your operations, you have a management solution that fits perfectly, enabling smoother workflows and superior patient services.

Robust Technology - AI, Automation & Workflow customisation enabled

Easy Clinic - EMR Software - AI and Automation

At the heart of Easy Clinic lies our commitment to robust technological innovation. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, automation, and customizable workflows, we bring a new level of efficiency and precision to healthcare management. Our AI algorithms assist in predictive analytics, patient engagement, and operational optimization, while customizable workflows mean your clinic's unique processes are seamlessly integrated.

RPA Integration - Medical Practice Software

This powerful combination of AI and automation not only streamlines day-to-day tasks but also opens up new avenues for enhanced patient care and operational excellence, boosting your clinic’s brand.

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Your data is secure and belongs only to you

  • Easy Clinic is built on cutting-edge latest cloud technology and comes with industry leading encryption standards. Your data is safe.
  • The most important promise is that   we DO NOT misuse, sell or pry on your patient, clinical, financial or administrative data.   All the data and records belong ONLY to you.

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