Top Strategies to Boost Patient Acquisition in 2024

From Implementing Medical Records Software for Patients to Clinic Appointment Management System: 

For your medical practice to grow, you must not only work hard to retain existing patients but also make efforts to attract new ones. Here are a few things you can do to market your clinic and boost patient acquisition in 2024:

1. Implement medical records software:

Implementing medical records software will help your staff maintain a comprehensive patient summary. It will help you provide high-quality patient care by making better informed decisions. Medical records software also makes documenting clinical notes a breeze for you. It enables quick access to patient records for more coordinated and efficient care. This can leave a good impression on new patients visiting your clinic.

2. Use a clinic appointment management system

Appointment booking is the first step that can make or break your relationship with new patients. If patients find it difficult to book an appointment at your clinic, they may simply give up and try elsewhere.

A clinic appointment management system can make it easier for your patients to book appointments. The software will also send automatic reminders to patients, reducing your staff’s manual work.

Looking for the best medical records software and clinic appointment management system for your clinic?
Explore Easy Clinic, a doctor-friendly clinic management software. It offers you the benefits of both medical records software, clinic appointment management system and much more.

  • Easy Clinic has predefined customisable medical records templates that make it easy for you to take clinical notes, prescribe medications and order investigations — all this you can do from a single screen.
  • Our appointment scheduler is easy to use and can be used to handle your appointments. It sends automatic SMSes & emails to remind patients of their appointments thereby reducing the likelihood of no-shows.
  • It can also help in setting up your virtual clinic in less than a minute.
  • When it comes to data security, you have nothing to worry about. Easy Clinic is built on the most modern technology providing bank level data security. No patient information, whether sensitive or not, is shared with anyone. Your data only belongs to you.

It also offers many other benefits. Book a free 30 day trial to know how Easy Clinic can help your clinic.

3. Establish an active online presence

In today’s digital world, patients seek health-related information online before making an appointment at a clinic. According to a study, about 4.5% of daily web searches are health-related. If you don’t have an online presence, chances are many new patients will not get to know about your clinical practice. So make sure that you have a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate, informative and finally, mobile-friendly. Here are some other things you can do to boost your online presence:

  • List your business in online business directories
  • Create an informative and accurate profile on major review sites
  • Use social media to keep your existing and new patients updated.

4. Conduct patient satisfaction surveys:

To attract new patients, you must know what’s working for your clinical practice and what’s not. Patient satisfaction surveys can give useful insights on how you can improve your clinic. For this, make sure that the survey form is comprehensive and takes into account overall patient experience starting from the reception to the billing.

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