Questions to Ask your Clinic EMR Software Provider

Doctors are leveraging the power of technology to run their practice efficiently and smoothly.  They are adopting clinic EMR softwarepatient management applications and clinic management software and other applications. If you are a doctor looking for software for your clinic, it is important to ask the right questions to find the right solution. Here we share with you some questions that you should ask your clinic EMR software provider:

Question 1. What is clinic EMR software? How is it different from a patient management application?

  • EMR software:  EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records. The software lets you and your staff maintain digital records of patients. With EMR software, the clinical data of your patients can be recorded, presented, and organised. It reduces paperwork as all important patient information is in the form of electronic records. It allows multiple doctors to access patient summaries without being physically present in one place.
  • Patient management application: While EMR software helps to digitise records, a patient management application is an integrated system that has the benefits of EMR software as well as other software. A patient management application is useful for managing day-today-work flow. It has features that allow appointment scheduling and setting up of a virtual clinic.  It also ensures simplified and faster billing. To know more benefits, check here.

Question 2: Is there any free trial of the software?

Before investing in any software it is always better to go for a free trial first so that you can get an idea about how the software works and what benefits it can bring to your medical practice. With a free trial, you can explore all the features of the software and understand how it can help you manage your clinic better.

Question 3: Who will provide software training to the staff?

Any software can be a little difficult for administrative staff to use initially, so it is important to get clarity from your vendor on the type of training. Also, ask about the availability of the support team after the training is over. How will your staff connect with the support team—  phone, email or chat?

Question 4: Can EMR templates be customised?

Not all medical practices are the same and standard EMR templates cannot be used. Hence, it is important to ask about the customisation feature where the templates are based on your workflow.

Question 5: Can the software be integrated with a third party?

Some providers offer EMR software solutions that can be integrated with third-party partners such as pharmacies and diagnostic and radiology labs.

Question 6: Is there a licence limit?

In some cases, the price of EMR software depends on the number of licenses needed. For example, you may need to buy a separate license for each staff member who will be using the software. It is also important to ask about annual subscription and renewal fees. In some cases, you may be able to purchase a license outright, while in other cases you may need to pay recurring fees.

Question 7: Is the patient data safe?

At a time when data security is a major concern in the healthcare industry, you do not want to compromise your patients’ confidential information. When considering a software solution, always ask about the provider’s breach prevention measures. How often do they install patches and fixes? Have there been any significant data breaches in the past? What known vulnerabilities exist? Do not be afraid to ask these questions.

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