Features that your Telemedicine Software Should Have

In today’s world, it has become important for doctors to offer online consultation along with in-clinic consultation. Online consultations not only help in improving patient engagement but also attract new patients. If you are a doctor planning to use telemedicine software at your clinic, you may find it hard to decide which features to choose. Here we share with you some important features that telemedicine software should have:

1. Audio and video-enabled conferencing

Most telemedicine software offer interactive audio and video conferencing facilities that help you to remotely see your patients. Face-to-face interaction instils more confidence in patients.  Moreover, it will improve the quality of diagnosis as you can visually interpret the patient and communicate the treatment effectively.

2. Prescription generation

A good telemedicine software will let you take clinical notes and share digital prescriptions via email or instant messenger like WhatsApp. You can also directly take a printout.

3. Online fees collection

A good telemedicine solution should allow you to collect fees online before or after the consultation, depending on your own preference. Furthermore, you should not be charged any excess commissions on these online transactions and the fees collected should be transferred into your bank account promptly.

4. Remote scheduling and appointments

After the pandemic, telehealth consultations have become quite popular. For routine and familiar health issues and for follow-ups, patients now prefer online appointments instead of offline. To help you manage the high volume of patient bookings, the telemedicine software should have features to allow you to plan and schedule appointments. Therefore, the scheduling feature should be a priority. It will help you and your medical staff to manage appointments efficiently. It should also allow your patients to book appointments online.  Good telemedicine software also has the feature of sending automatic reminders to patients, reducing the workload of your staff.

Looking for a telemedicine software for your clinic?

With Easy Clinic, you can set up your virtual clinic within a minute. You will not only get all the above-mentioned telehealth features of video consultations, you will also get the necessary tools to manage your practice completely. Our software is an all-in-one-solution that you need — it has features of telemedicine softwareEMR software systems, appointment software, and billing software. It can also be integrated with third parties. Some of the benefits offered by Easy Clinic are:

  • Data security: Our software is built on a robust and secure technology platform. Patient information (whether sensitive or not) is safe. It is not misused or sold.
  • Custom EMR templates: Our software comes with custom templates for different kinds of practice. EMR templates can be customised as per the workflow of your clinic.
  • Scheduling appointments: The software  makes it easy for patients to book appointments. It also automates patient reminders, leaving staff for more important work.
  • Third-party integration: The software can be integrated with radiology and diagnostic lab partners so that reports can be directly uploaded and patients and doctors can access them easily.
  • Billing: It also simplifies billing by collecting online payments. You  can also prepare financial reports with ease.
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