How to Make your Waiting Room More Patient-Friendly? Useful Insights by a Clinic Patient Management Software

The waiting room of your clinic is an important part of the patient experience. A well-designed waiting room creates a lasting first impression, making the patients feel welcomed and comfortable. If you are planning to renovate your clinic, here are some useful insights on making your waiting room more patient-friendly:

1. The waiting room should be clean at all times

Waiting for a doctor’s appointment can be stressful for some. And waiting in an untidy waiting room certainly doesn’t help. It must be ensured that the waiting room is clean— there should be no spilling trash bins, litter or a leaking water dispenser. Also, a cluttered waiting room doesn’t speak well about your hygiene standards.

2. The seating arrangement should be comparable

When someone visits a doctor, the last thing they want is to sit in an uncomfortable chair. A good way to accommodate different needs is to buy plush, comfortable modular chairs with nice armrests. Rearrange your furniture in such a way so that patients can sit where they feel most comfortable. For instance, designate colourful play areas for children and quiet spaces for those who want to read magazines or newspapers while they wait.

3. Provide sources of entertainment

Providing patients with something to do while they wait can help make the time pass quicker and they will be less focused on the clock. Set up at least a couple of televisions, playing sports or health-related channels. You can even display your own content informing patients about your services. A small library with newspapers and health-related magazines is also a great way to keep your patients entertained. Some clinics also have personal entertainment systems in the form of electronic tablets that allow patients to watch videos, read e-books and play games. You can attach these digital devices to the furniture.

4. Keep the patients informed about the wait time:

Patients can find it annoying when they do not know how long they have to wait. A waiting time board is a great way to keep patients informed as to how long they have to wait.

5. Have food and drinks kiosks

Food and drinks kiosks that offer bottled water, healthy snacks, juices and coffee can improve the waiting time experience of your patients. Depending on the set-up, you can either make these kiosks self-service or hire a person to help patients.

How to reduce waiting time in your clinic with patient management software?

Shifting to a clinic management software can help you manage your patients in a streamlined fashion and help you reduce waiting time.

  • Easy access to patient information: It has all the features of EMR records software which makes gathering patient information easy. It will allow the staff of your clinic to maintain a comprehensive clinical summary of patients which can be accessed with a few clicks. When patients visit your clinic, they do not have to furnish the same information again and again.
  • Prescriptions can be generated faster: Prescriptions can be printed, emailed or WhatsApped to your patients in less than 30 seconds.
  • Faster billing: Patients do not have to wait longer for bills to be generated. Invoice is generated in a few clicks and payments are collected online.
  • Easy access to lab reports: The software lets your staff upload reports which are delivered directly to you and your patients.

If you want to know how Easy Clinic can help your clinic, book a free 30 day trial.

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