FAQs on EMR Medical Software

Whether you are running an individual clinic or multi-user clinics or multi-location clinics, going digital with an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) medical software  is the best way to manage patient records. If you are looking for more information on EMR software, check out these FAQs and their answers:

Question 1: What is an EMR medical software?

It automates the documentation, storage and retrieval of patient records. Here’s how EMR can help you:

  • It helps to maintain a comprehensive view of a patient’s clinical summary
  • Using the EMR template, you can easily record case notes
  • It reduces paperwork as all important patient information is digitised
  • It allows multiple doctors to access patient summary without being physically present in one place.
  • Digital Prescriptions are legible and detailed and help the patient understand about their clinical issues and treatment plans better.

Question 2: What’s wrong with conventional paper records?

The paper-based medical record keeping can lead to confusion because of problems such as  illegible hand-writing or overwriting. They can lead to medication errors. With paper-based medical records, storage is a big problem. Also, only one person can access paper records at a time. Doctors and medical staff at different locations can’t access paper-based medical records at the same time.

Question 3: How Easy Clinic can streamline clinic management?

Easy Clinic not only offers you the benefits of EMR medical software but also other advantages. Let’s discuss them:

  • Digitisation of patients records

    It not only reduces paperwork but it also makes documentation easier, efficient and faster. With Easy Clinic, the custom EMR template allows you to record case notes in less than a minute. Prescriptions can be printed, emailed or WhatsApped to your patients in 30 seconds. Follow-up becomes easier – as you have access to all the records with just a few clicks.

  • Easy scheduling of appointment

    It improves the overall efficiency of the clinic by automating the entire system. Besides printing out prescriptions and charting, it also helps in scheduling patients’ appointments. With Easy Clinic, appointments can be easily booked and automatic reminders are sent to patients. This helps your front desk staff immensely as they can manage your day more efficiently.

  • Simplified and faster billing

    It saves the time and effort of filling, calculating and printing bills. Easy Clinic sends invoices to your patients in a few clicks and collects online payments. You can also see the financial reports easily.

  • Coordination between various departments

    The integrated system allows various departments to coordinate with each other better. Easy Clinic gives your team an in-depth analysis of the inventory in real-time. Not just that, diagnostic reports can be entered directly into the patients’ medical record. This makes it easier for different departments to coordinate better and ensure better patient satisfaction.

  • Data security

    The software is built on the most modern technology providing bank level data security. For more information, get in touch with our support team. 

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